Nonprofit Management Series

Training Guides to Build Your Nonprofit

You started a nonprofit agency or joined an agency because you wanted to “help people”, but as you grow, you find more of your time is going to non-service responsibilities such as, project management, fiscal management, personnel matters, service planning and reporting, program evaluation, and funding raising activities. Suddenly, you have a deep learning curve to stay competitive and keep your agency growing.

Well it does not need to be that hard!

We’ll we can’t make these responsibilities go away, we can help reduce the learning curve with Nonprofit Management and Technical Assistance Guides that can assist you to address these requirements in a cost-effective manner.  Included in these time-tested guides are policies, procedures, templates and assessments tools that will help you identify issues and create the policy, procedure or plan you need, without breaking the bank.   These PDF publications also include a PowerPoint, instructor notes, sample agenda and handouts, if you want to establish an in-house agency training library, staff development program, or have a outside consultant facilitate a Board Training or Strategic Planning ProcessAfter reviewing our list of publications below, give me a call or email if you have questions or want to discuss your options.

Board Development: Looking for a great tool to help with board training?  This field-tested publication provides you with everything you need to train board and staff on every aspect of board responsibilities and staff relationships. Cost $15.00

Simplified Strategic Planning Process: Based on the award winning simplified strategic planning process, this publication will walk you through the steps to creating an effective and practical strategic plan, in less time and costs. Cost $22.00

Other Nonprofit Management Series Publications in PDF format include:

  • Organizing and Running Effective Meetings- Cost $10.00
  • The Executive Director Search Process -Cost $15.00
  • Agency Sustainability Strategies- Cost $12.00
  • Volunteer Development and Handbook – Cost $14.00
  • Agency Internal Operations, and _ Cost $17.00
  • MORE

Publications in Book Format, include: 

  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Internal Operations- Cost $39.79
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Board and Volunteer Development-Cost $39.79
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Programs and Fundraising- Cost $39.79
  • Nonprofit Management Simplified: Bundle of Three. Cost: Three for the price of two $79.97