Consulting and Training Services

Consultant To Management

Ron Soto, M.S.W., M.P.H. consultant goal is to establish a high quality consulting partnership relationship with clients which produces tangible targeted results. They may include,   both improving existing organizational and service efficiency, while seeking out expanded funding support. Ron’s clients have worked in a wide range of service fields including; health/mental health, children/family services, juvenile delinquency and gang intervention, employment services, and school-based student support services. The focus of Ron’s work is on addressing the service needs of underserved populations, in social/ economically stressed and multi-cultural communities. Assignments have included:

Effective Funding and Delivery of Community Services:

Mr. Soto has a unique professional experience as a funder and a consultant with public and nonprofit funders of community services. His experience and expertise includes;

  • Planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating Strategic Grant-Making Programs targeting community priority service concerns through non-profit services providers, utilizing Request for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Qualification (RFQ) methods;
  • Monitoring, and providing capacity building technical assistance services to funded service providers to enhance service delivery and outcomes through implementing quality assurance and evidenced-informed practices.
  • Providing Grant Writing Services to expand and leverage existing service collaborative.

Improving Governance, Organizational – Management Efficiency

Mr. Soto has founded nonprofit agencies, served on Board of Directors, held Executive Director and Management positions, and has provided extensive consulting services to nonprofit agencies. In these capacities he has conducted;

  • Organizational Assessment, Strategic and Operational Plans;
  • Management Consulting and Coaching;
  • Program Assessment, Planning Services, EBP Training and Supervision;
  • Facilitated Team-Building-Skills Workshops;
  • Facilitated Board of Director Training and Planning Retreats;
  • Performed Funding Application and Grant Writing Services;
  • Served as Interim Project Manager for “high valued” projects.

High Quality Cost-Effective Consultation Services

Ron does not take a “Cookie Cutter ” approach to working with clients. Each accepted  consultation assignment represents a tailored scope of work and agreed upon compensation plan that represents a “win win” relationship in the consultation partnership.  It must match the unique needs, priorities, and monetary and non-monetary capacity of each client. From Ron’s point of view, the clients commitment to the effective implementation of the consultation scope of work is equally important as the financial investment. Example of arrangement have included: Monthly Retainer Fee for available Management Coaching/Advising/Technical Assistance as it arises,  with preferential hourly rate for research, planning proposal writing assignments when needed; Interim Project Manager assignments for 6 to 12 months; Project specific time-limited assignment.