Ron Soto, Principal Consultant,  

Ron Soto Consulting, based in San Jose California,  is an independent consultant offering high quality cost-effective management consulting, training and development services to public and private nonprofit agencies.

Principal Consultant:

Mr. Soto considers himself blessed to combine his personal mission with his career path for more than 35 years.  Mr. Soto has established a rich and  diverse education and professional track record. Ron brings years of successful executive, management, service delivery, and consulting experience with County and City Government, United Way Agencies, and Private Nonprofit Agencies.  In these capacities, he has assessed and analyzed organizational and community problems, planned effective evidenced-informed and based strategies to address issues or expand services, and has played a key role in raising millions in needed funding resources. Mr. Soto brings a rich professional practice background of perspectives, knowledge, expertise and consulting solutions to his client situations.

Ron has also earned Master Degrees in the related fields of Social Work and Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. Sample of other Professional Credentials earned include; Certified Fund Raising Executive, California State Community College Instructor Credential -Public Service And Administration, and California State Community College Counseling Credential, and Training in Evidenced-based Youth Services Practices.

Our Clients:

We work with government agencies, foundations, and small to medium sizes community-based nonprofits seeking to improve the lives in underserved, social/economically distressed multi-cultured communities.